our vision

Our vision for a pure-organic beekeeping starts with our name and our love for bees.
 ”Axion Esti”, is a phrase that best describes our philosophy and our beliefs about the smartest and most beneficial insect of the planet: the bee.
 The bee bountifully offers us all its products, honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis, wax that are beneficial to good health and the life breathing pollination.
 Therefore, bees provide humans only good and they love them selflessly.
 Our goal is that our bee products reach you as raw as possible almost straight from the hive in order to keep all of their beneficial attributes, with respect for the house of the bee, nature and the consumer, hoping to build a relationship of trust, quality life for every living organism and responsibility for our health and the environment in which we live.
 We hope for a conscious choice for bee products “Axion Esti”, based to the excellent quality, that our beekeeping family take care and maintain for many years, with expertise and continuous development in the field of beekeeping.
Antonis Dimakopoulos