Axion Esti // Αξιον Εστι // Μέλι, Μελισσοκομικά προϊόντα // Honey, Products Bee | Organic Honey with Saffron
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Organic Honey
with Saffron
“Axion Esti” Organic Honey with Saffron is a combination of organic honey from flowers and forest with fine stamens of saffron. It is a superfood which contains all the beneficial properties of honey and saffron providing a high quality product with a creamy texture, mild flavor and a mild sweet taste. Progressive consumption recommended.
Saffron Percentage: 1%
Organic Honey
with Saffron
Product of Organic Farming
Harvest Area: Mountains of Arcadia
Collection period: March and September
Avaliable packages:
250 g