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100% natural
bee wax

The bee to make the kerythres generates wax. For centuries, people used this natural product for the plasticity. Today it is used in cosmetology and medicine, but in lesser quantity.


To produce the wax the bees use nectar or honey. The biochemical effects involved in this are complex and require much energy. The wax is a blend of organic ingredients which have been recognized over 300. Mostly we find hydrocarbons, monoester, diesters, free acids and ydroxymonoesteres. Depending on the geographic zone, the composition varied slightly as product quality. There is bulk molding and in a decorative form.

Bee Wax
100% natural
Harvest: From all the bee colonies
Harvest Period: All year
Avaliable packages:
In sheets /
Large or small wax Bars /
Per order